About Like-em

A long time ago, though still in this very galaxy, I fell in love with writing. I wrote all kinds of things from poetry, to short stories, I even set up the framework for a novel. As my head turned to business I began writing more non-creatively, then I just quit. I let life get in the way and I spent all of my time focusing on the daily grind, rather than the process of moving forward through it.

So that's what Like-em is about. Writing again. I feel writing is one of the best forms of expression. 

I launched Like-em at the beginning of 2012 and hope to see it build a strong community of people with similar interests. This isn't a guru or expert site, I'm just a regular guy who's passionate about what I do and work to improve upon it. By putting my thoughts into words, sharing them with you, and hopefully having some conversation about them, I hope we can all move forward.