Thursday, August 28, 2014

Like-em August Playlist

Whew! The last month was a busy one. Since I posted the July Playlist my fiancee landed a new job, which necessitated a move across town, which resulted in a new cat, and just about everything that goes along with packing up an entire home and completing an apartment search in 2 weeks while becoming first time pet owners.

I'd like to tell a better story than that to kick off what is a spectacular August lineup, but it was just that much of a rush month. Thus there was no other writing in the month. I'll get that all back on track as we head into September.

Without further ado:

Strand of Oaks - Goshen 97
There's just so much to love about this song. From the air instrument inspiring sound to the anthem-toned "I don't want to start all over again."

Parker Millsap - Truck Stop Gospel
This was my gold standard for August. I played this album many many times while I was hauling endless boxes down a three story fire escape. I'm not always pro-twang, now I think of that avoidance as saving myself for Millsap's work.

Spoon - Rent I Pay
Another great late summer album for 2014. I debated for a long time whether "Rent I Pay" or "Do You" would get a spot on the playlist and obviously went with "Rent I Pay." It's a great rock song with a steady beat and the lyric, "every kind of fortune gets old" is just the kind of rock-styled philosophy to gets you thinking.

Alex Clare - Never Let You Go
I stumbled across Alex Clare in a dark and dingy place with most of you, in a Microsoft Commercial. "Closer" was a spectacular single from his 2011 release. Later I discovered a love for his vocals while enjoying the full release. He adds to that with this summer's Three Hearts.

MS MR - Hurricane
MS MR is not afraid to challenge, as this video proves, and this first track on her new album sets the stage beautifully to explore "the inner workings of my mind."

Weird Al - Word Crimes
This will get one of 2013's atrocities stuck in your head, but you will enjoy it anyway. If you haven't heard this song with the video or, worse, haven't heard it at all, today is your day.

Painted Caves - Painted Tigers: Ballad of the Office Worker
My Milwaukee share of the month. Painted Caves has a great sound here mixing in Mideastern tones without letting it control their sound.

That's all for August. Keep me accountable, I have more thoughts to share as we surge into fall.